Music, Technology, and Discovery

My sparkling red portable CD player arrived in the mail, bought with an Amazon gift card that my uncle mailed me for a birthday. I was thrilled. I slid the AA batteries in the little opening on the bottom, shut the clasp, and popped Michelle Branch’s Hotel Paper onto its wheel. I was listening with those headphones that fit over your head but are way … Continue reading Music, Technology, and Discovery

Phantom Thread: A Match Made in Heaven

I’ll take a gourmet dinner with a side of poison, please. In a world of lavish gowns and pure opulence there lies a man who lives for perfection, for control over all of his surroundings, even those he loves. And inside that world we find a woman who does not want to succumb to every perfection he seems to thrust upon her. Love is complicated. … Continue reading Phantom Thread: A Match Made in Heaven