Video Premiere: Goldfeather, “Alone Again”

“Alone Again” is violinist and composer Sarah Goldfeather’s immersive ode to rejection. It’s a dramatic, indie-pop response to the open wounds of lost love. A heartbreaking relatability seeps through every synth-laden lyric, following influence from artists like Sufjan Stevens and Mitski. Its accompanying video amplifies the sonic intensity, using visual layering to mimic the echoing loneliness of the music itself. Continue reading Video Premiere: Goldfeather, “Alone Again”

New Track: Andrew Rodriguez, “Oil Islands”

“Oil Islands” is intoxicating. Voice, saxophone, and electronics mesh art song with synth pop, blurring the lines of genre or perhaps shrugging off those confines entirely. Andrew Rodriguez isn’t interested in defining his music by one style – his influences range from DIY to hip hop to classical and jazz. And “Oil Islands” is his sonic playground. Continue reading New Track: Andrew Rodriguez, “Oil Islands”

Momentary Stillness at D. Edward Davis’s ‘instill’

A brightly colored, circular labyrinth, designed by Diana Carulli and located in New York City’s East River Park, was home to composer D. Edward Davis’s participatory sound installation, ‘instill,’ on September 21. The piece, a sounding meditation, welcomed onlookers to pace the painted pavement, soaking in the multitude of sounds around them. Continue reading Momentary Stillness at D. Edward Davis’s ‘instill’