2018-11-10 Portrait Vanessa CentralPark 12 (2)
Photo by Kat Lin

HELLO! My name is Vanessa and my first musical love was the violin, but since I’ve fallen for all sorts of music in all sorts of ways. My main areas of interest include: noise, sound art, ambient, experimental, indie rock & DIY, new music, the 80s avant garde, and shoegaze. I’m a former college radio host (WYBCx Yale Radio), a 2019 Bang on a Can Media Fellow, a postgraduate student at Hunter College, and the development and research associate at National Sawdust. I’m currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

I started The Road to Sound as a means of talking about sounds that are mind-boggling, fascinating, creative, surprising, fun, new, abstract, harmonic, atonal, and everything in between. I want to tell the stories of experimental music and the people who make it, in ways that welcome all readers. Writing about music is as much about documenting our culture as it is about providing space for us all to learn more about different art forms and artistic ideologies.