Livestream: Bang on a Can Marathon


This year, Bang on a Can is bringing us a live-streamed version of their iconic marathon concerts. I couldn’t possibly be happier to host a watch party here on The Road to Sound!

Join us here from 3PM – 9PM on Sunday, May 3, to experience a characteristically wide swath of performances of contemporary experimental music.

Set List:

Meredith Monk
Cassie Wieland’s Heart performed by Adam Holmes
Robert Honstein’s Orison performed by Ashley Bathgate
Vijay Iyer

Anna Clyne’s Rapture performed by Eileen Mack
George Lewis’ Voyager
Shara Nova — New Work (world premiere)
Adam Cuthbért

Shelley Washington’s Black Mary performed by Ken Thomson
Martin Bresnick’s Ishi’s Song performed by Lisa Moore
Ken Thomson — New Work (world premiere) performed by Robert Black
Nathalie Joachim

Miya Masaoka’s music for ichi-ten-kin, or one string koto
Meara O’Reilly
Vinko Globokar’s Toucher performed by Steven Schick
Zoë Keating

Moor Mother
Philip Glass’ “Knee Play 2” from Einstein on the Beach performed by Tim Fain
Mark Stewart’s To Whom It May Concern: Thank You
Mary Halvorson

Molly Joyce — New Work (world premiere) performed by David Cossin
Ian Chang
Steve Reich’s Vermont Counterpoint performed by Claire Chase
Dai Wei’s Songs for Shades of Crimson (world premiere) performed by Todd Reynolds
John Adams’ China Gates performed by Vicky Chow

For more information, please visit:

Thank you to Bang on a Can for their unwavering dedication to the experimental music community, whether it be uniting us in lofts on the Lower East Side, or making music in cavernous rooms at MASS MoCA, or concocting live-streamed events we can watch on our computer screens.

And, last but certainly not least, please keep the conversation going in the comments below or the chat room above!

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